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Can a Coach generate significant ROI for your Business?

Are you a sports lover? Are you a fan of any particular footballer?

No, this isn’t a contest. These questions are just for your own consideration and are intended to take you to another goal altogether.

Let’s assume that your favorite footballer is Lionel Messi. You will agree that as a footballer, Messi has exceptional skills. Now think and answer. What factors have gone into making him such a terrific player? Has he acquired his exceptional footwork, dribbles, passes and more all on his own?


Your likely answer is that the factors that make Messi such a terrific footballer are his talent, hard work, determination and consistent practice. Indeed, his skills and efforts have played a crucial role in his success. But we cannot overlook the role that his mentors and coaches have played in honing his talent. It is his coach who gives him directions, plans a strategy for him to follow and helps him improve his skills. You see, coaching skills are vital too.


So are there any similar business coaching skills too? Can we benefit with coaching from peers? Will it help our business grow? Let us first check what these coaching skills are:


The ‘Ask’ approach: A good coach always gives importance to asking powerful questions rather than merely doling out instructions. He allows the employees to come up with far more committed and engaging solutions so that they are motivated to put in extra efforts to reach or exceed their goals. An employee, who generates his own ideas, not only enjoys personal development, he also contributes significantly to his company’s progress.


No ready-made answers: A coach is not required to provide ready-made answers or solutions to employees. Instead of spoon-feeding them, he can provide better guidance which could well turn out to be the lesson of a lifetime for the employee. A good coach’s guidance will always be different than the traditional, theoretical and ‘cut and dried’ answers.


All about learning: Coaching is neither about teaching nor about giving solutions. It is a help towards learning. A coach seeks to guide so that the other person learns to find solutions and solve problems.


Structured action plan: A coach always provides a clear and accountable structure to all for every activity. When employees receive a focused program to follow, the results flow in faster and better than they would be in unstructured projects. The plans given by coaches are time savers.


More importance to the task: When the coach is ready with a focused plan, the development process becomes focused too. The employee does not get diverted by personal or irrelevant matters.

Worthy business leaders should be good coaches too. Being a coach for your business has a far more positive impact on it than being merely a leader.

How can a leader become a coach?

To be a coach instead of being just a leader is quite easy. Just follow the following essential steps and move
from being just a leader to a coach as well:

1. Don’t wait for the employees to approach you. Come out of your cabin and visit the employees where they are.


​2. Ask them questions regarding the process and challenges they face in executing the plans.


​3. Motivate them to find solutions to the problems and steer them towards current priorities.


​4. Support them with a shared commitment towards their responsibilities, goals and action steps that need to be taken.

​When employees find solutions, their commitment and energy level get raised too. Once the energy level is higher, massive actions required to achieve massive results to create better ROI also increases. When we talk in context of organizations, good managers need to be the best possible coaches as well! Every manager who has the right kind of coaching skills can generate better ROI for the business.



By Vipul Kukreja| May 27th, 2015

About the Author: Vipul Kukreja


Vipul Kukreja is a Business Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Facilitator and Trainer. He assists business owners, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals with an effortless Flow. Through his notable methodology, he empowers owners and senior leadership in transforming their businesses and careers from being vulnerable to viable. He is currently working on, a unique concept of benefiting his customers create valuable, marketable and sellable businesses. The engagement begins by assessing various scenarios, working alongside the customer and regularly navigate the challenges in achieving the goals. Vipul Kukreja is also the Founder & CEO of M2S Consulting (India) Private Limited and is a promoter of

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