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The latest trend in Indian real estate industry is to hire the talented and qualified ‘A’ players. However, the availability of efficient and qualified reality experts is not enough to meet the demand for same. So in the near future with the development in real estate sector, the demand for real estate experts will also increase.

In next five years, there will also be a requirement of 95 billion sq ft of real estate space for industrial, commercial, residential purposes as well as for civil projects. In other words, every year approximately 8.7 billion sq ft space needs to be built. To face this situation, real estate also needs highly qualified talented people with experience in real estate. Experts say that there will be 4 million civil engineers will be required in next ten years, whereas actually there will be only 7 lacs civil engineers available. Indian real estate industry also needs 4 lakhs architects and 120,000 planners for the next decade. Apart from actual participation in construction, consultants are too needed for this industry, as around 123 million urban populations will seek professional assistance. Now you can understand the huge scarcity of real estate talent that we are going to face very soon.

The unstructured nature of real estate businesses itself is a great challenge for the industry. The industry needs right policies of recruitment as well as the changes in construction processes. The second biggest challenge in front of the industry is lack of local experts. Experts who have knowledge of the geographical conditions and other related factors of that particular locality are in scarcity. This makes the various processes like land acquisition very slow. Along with local experts, there is a strong requirement of Project Managers and Construction Managers too. Finding the right talent for real estate industry is a real challenge for the industry.

M2S understands the demand-supply gap for talent in the Indian real estate sector. We have a real estate domain expert’s team. Our team will execute a talent search for you very cost effectively. Our team will support you in plans to meet the increasing demand real estate professionals. We provide the best talent with strong evaluation system.  Our consultants in real estate domain also can help you in providing employment resources at national, as well as international assignments. Also, you will get all the help for mapping the right candidates for your company.

Our specializations in water Industry:

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President – Contracts

President – Finance

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