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Creating a talent pipeline instead of hiring !

If you were the head of a company, would you not have liked having options of various prospective and probable candidates at the ready? This is exactly what we discuss with the concept of ‘Talent Pipeline’.
The idea behind this concept addresses the very issue of hiring people matched against a sort of candidate pipeline that you may maintain and choose from whenever you needed.

As a company, it would be comforting to know that you have already shortlisted candidates and kept them at the ready. You could devise the structure of the pipeline in a way that the shortlisted candidate that you choose becomes a part of your company momentarily after being communicated so. The structural integrity of this pipeline could be coherently factored to best serve and suit your organisation’s constitution. Apart from this prominent beneficial factor, you also give your recruiting team a rest for good; you only deploy your recruiting team whenever you have exhausted the shortlisted candidates. While the team is not hiring, they could essentially contribute to the betterment of your company. This would ensure resourceful, economical and judicial usage of your currently employed talent pool, and if any contingent situation were to arise, you always have eventuality measures lined up.

As a prospective candidate, it would be reassuring to know that you have a position at a company, albeit the fact that the probability of employment may well be very probable. You could always have the job should the company come across any contingent measures and were to reach you. This factor is comforting since you have a better probability of employment as compared to anyone suffering from the obstinate problem of not being employed, or in this case, shortlisted, at all. Despite the probability of employment, the fact of the matter is that your employment is still potential, and not validated. There would be a host of applicants that the organisation may sustain to choose from, and your profile may hold water just as much as the next applicant’s does. This putative yet speculative standpoint may not exactly prove to be viable for an aspiring and ambitious candidate.

Ingrained in human nature is the much sought after need for approval; any person would seek approval in any given paradigm of their life. However, for the Talent Pipeline instance, this very need for approval is not fulfilled since the candidate is but a part of a shortlist. It may not be peculiarly enthusing for an aspiring applicant to know that he has just been shortlisted and not employed. Depending on the conceptual policies of the company, the prospective candidate may or may not be granted the freedom to exercise his/her availability for employment with any other organisation; this would leave the candidate in a deadlock. Based on this parameter, the candidate may righteously request a confirmation of employment or a confirmation fee from the organisation for them to be able to retain the candidate on their shortlist.

Structuring the policies of the Pipeline so as to detour this foregoing parameter in the most efficient way would need mulling over as an organisation. Despite any estimation of very high demand of employment, it would be difficult to ascertain the framework of intangibility in terms of exuberant participation from ambitious candidates.



By S. Shekar| May 20th, 2015

About the Author: S. Shekar

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S. Shekar is the Co-Founder and COO of M2S Consulting (India) Private Limited. He has nearly 3 decades of experience in the Recruitment and has the eye to spot the best talent. He is among the most followed Executive Search Consultants in India. He is the Go to Person when a company needs a CXO. His aim is to place M2S Consulting as a prominent player on the Global stage.

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