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What does it mean to be a good Technical Architect?


The IT industry is always going to be a market full of moving targets and requirements. With consistently evolving technologies and changing business objectives, the skills and requirements of the industry are also changing. One such transition evident in the IT industry are the skills possessed by a Technical Architect.


Technical architects are the project managers who lead different IT projects like creating a database system, redesigning a website, or creating a whole new software application.


But the actual responsibilities for a technical architect are far broader than this definition. Other than designing the system for the target application, it is their responsibility to understand the business perspective in the project.


Shortage or high expectations? Certainly, a question to address

With organizations aiming to integrate their IT practices with the business objectives, the number of skills, qualifications and the challenging responsibilities associated with the role have evolved enormously over the past few years. As a result, the organizations are experiencing a shortage of talent or workforce who can effectively combine their Technical expertise with the business knowledge.


On the other hand, the job hunters blame the botched selections criteria and the ever-increasing expectations, for this shortage of good “Technical architects”. But one certain thing that everyone should agree on, is the increased level of frustration in the industry and reduced productivity.

Employers have not been able to find employees who can act both as a business leader as well as an IT professional. As identified in an interview 73% respondent from small and medium scale business organization as well as 88% respondent from large-scale IT organization have replied positively for a considerable skill gap or talent shortage that is impacting their business operations.


So what exactly are the skills that organizations aim for?


In a “Technical Architect”, an organization looks for a potential leader who can not only design an efficient IT system but should have the ability to communicate business perspective throughout the project team. The person should can combine his or her development experience with the knowledge of the business. As highlighted by various business leaders, CEO and management personnel, following are the key responsibilities and skill-set required for being an effective Technical architect:

  • Technical skills involving considerable programming and development experience.

  • The ability to critically analyze situations and solve business problems.

  • Ability to effectively represent the organization in front of the client or customer domain.

  • Ability to explain ideas clearly and present rationale.

  • Planning and negotiation skills for better business perspective.

  • A go-getter attitude

  • The ability to work under pressure and limited deadlines. 



What is required?

The role requires a professional with the logic-driven mindset, who can take a helicopter view of the project. He should be able to analyze the different blockades and possible hurdles in the project that can create a gap between the desired and the actual system. He needs to be capable enough of bridging those gaps and hurdles using logic driven solutions or suggestions.

In simple terms, the organization aims for a “potential leader” in form of a Technical Architect.



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