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Third Party Recruitment

As an integral part of the recruitment methods, third-party sources for hiring on the essential roles of management consultants and assist an organisation in the process of scoping and consequently ascertaining the best aspiring applicant that congruously augments the institution. Intrinsically, as the head of an organisation, appointing a third-party recruitment company would warrant higher productivity on account of minimisation and utility of resources that were otherwise allocated services related to hiring.

Third-party recruitment companies cultivate an ethos that behoves them to instil proficiency in their work. These companies have profoundly delved into the market, and bring to the table their consulting expertise through the analysis of the strategic needs and parameters that any respective industry would entail with it. This intricate detailing on the company’s part ensures that relationships are rooted, built, and maintained across participating organisations and candidates alike. Since the entire model of these companies is based on hiring and recruitment services, their recommendations, assessments, and evaluations of any candidate would be virtuous and ethical. This model also best enables said companies to scrutinize the requirements of an organisation appropriately and provide the organisation with substantial, credible, and principled results.

The paradigms of hiring any prospective candidate could be structured by and for the organisation in order to ensure optimum results. Having stated that, a potential drawback of appointing a third-party recruitment company would be the lack of direct access to the candidate. Conceptualising and composing the involute attributes of the organisation’s requirements could only be conveyed through communication, though thorough, to the third-party company. Despite the level of proficiency, this factor may be viable for due consideration.

Should the organisation choose to appoint a third-party recruitment company, the core processes of the organisation could then be intensified and focussed on. The detailed tasks of recruitment could be effected by the third-party company, thus reducing all operational costs of the organisation to a great extent. These companies would also ensure the otherwise unwarranted screening of candidates and would only table the results of the most suitable and proficient candidates that match your requirements, thus reducing your hassles to a bare minimum. With the level of adroitness that these third-party companies bring about, the convoluted concept of risk-mitigation could also be simplified and accounted for.

Many goliaths deploy gargantuan amounts and chunks of their budgets to pertain to marketing and advertising of their organisation. However, this may not be the privilege that all organisations could avail of. Small businesses may find it difficult to appoint specific budgets to marketing and advertising. This is precisely where third-party recruitment companies could be cashed in on. These companies could assist in promulgating your organisation. The very essence of these third-party companies is to ensure that the best suited candidate is brought to the notice of the organisation, and to be able to do that would warrant significant dissemination of the organisation from the third-party company. This acts as a very viable and feasible means of marketing the organisation.



By S. Shekar| May 28th, 2015

About the Author:  S. Shekar 

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S. Shekar is the Co-Founder and COO of M2S Consulting (India) Private Limited. He has nearly 3 decades of experience in the Recruitment and has the eye to spot the best talent. He is among the most followed Executive Search Consultants in India. He is the Go to Person when a company needs a CXO. His aim is to place M2S Consulting as a prominent player on the Global stage.

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