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Information Technology

“Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.” 

– Nicholas Negroponte

According to Ruchir Sharma, this decade belongs to technology. Opportunities for computer system designs and related works have gone up in last 20 years. Even during the recession period 2007-2009, there was only 1% decline in IT jobs. And rapid growth is expected in IT and related sectors over the next decade. There is 3.9% of growth is expected every year till 2020. The significance of IT is trending upwards in India as well as around the globe. All business sectors  want to adopt newer technologies like 4G /5G cellular communication, 3D displays, crypto currency, cloud computing, optical computing, handheld & wearable computing, data analysis, and Biz data.  Digitizing of work and life has created lots of opportunities in the IT sector, whether it is automation of work or digital payments.

The scarcity of ‘A’-Players in new technologies is the greatest challenge for IT recruitment. It is very difficult to find the middle to senior IT professionals who are hands-on themselves, can manage teams, interface with customers and understand the  impact of evolving technologies on their current work.

The other challenge faced by IT sector is employees tend to migrate within the country as well as cross-border. It creates skill shortage both locally and globally. Many small size businesses grow into a medium size with an improper vision for their IT people.

M2S Consulting has a team of specialized consultants who have deep understanding of the IT sector and can provide you the perfect solution for your IT needs. We understand the scarcity of talented professionals in this sector. Our IT domain expert team finds solutions that suit your specific business demand and provide the talent  within your budget. We save you time and money by finding the appropriate tech talent for your business. Contact us to get all the help in selecting the ‘A’ players for your company.

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