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Water Business

Currently, India has only 4% fresh water. So it is not surprising that it ranks third in countries affected the worst by water pollution. There is growing imbalance between supply and demand in the water business due to increasing population, ageing infrastructure and extreme weather conditions. Due to this, the water treatment market is becoming the most attractive segment in India. So hence there will be large opportunities for hi-tech water treatment plants and design technology in the country.

There are many opportunities for businesses in installation as well as commissioning and servicing of water treatment. Also, there will be an enormous market for engineering and consulting for water projects, desalination plants, water distribution and supply to industries and municipalities. However, the industry is also facing challenges like burgeoning demand for water, inefficiencies in usage, regional disparities, groundwater depletion and groundwater contamination. So the current requirement of the water industry is to appoint the talented persons which can face all these challenges. And he should also know how to take advantage of opportunities and make the profitable business. 

This is where the role of M2S comes into play to provide you ‘A’ players for your water business. We are well networked with the best of the ‘A’ Players in the Water business in India. M2S provides recruitment solutions for companies dealing with the water industry. We help water businesses by providing senior level persons for various segments like engineering, water supply and sanitation, water treatment, water purification, waste water treatment, waste water recycling, sewage and effluent water treatment, technology, consumables, EPC , solutioning companies and  manufacturers of plants & equipment’s. 

Whether you are an SME or a large global player, our water recruitment service is tailor-made for your requirements. Our water team consultants understand the industry well and always provide the best talent for your company. Till now we have recruited for various water companies dealing in wastewater infrastructure, consulting firms, resource companies, industrial companies, environmental engineering firms, energy management consultants & wastewater operators. 

Our specializations in water Industry:

Water Infrastructure Design

Water Construction & Operation

Infrastructure Engineering

Natural Resources Management

Network Engineering

Water Project Managers

Pipeline & Hydraulic Engineering

Waterway Engineering

Marketing, Business Development and Sales


Commissioning Engineering


Environmental Engineering

Flood & Risk Engineering

Waste Management

O & M Head

Quality Control Manager

Commissioning Engineers

Plant Head

Instrumental Engineer

Chemist – Water Treatment Plant

Site Engineer- Testing & Analyzing

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