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Executive Search

“The executive exists to make sensible exceptions to general rules.”

– Elting E. Morison 

A company’s resilience is highly dependent on the competencies of its senior executives. These key people move the entire organization and its business towards a vision of the promoters.

Executive Search is a process of finding a right person for an appropriate performance for senior and specialized positions for various organizations. We hunt the talent from all over the place through various sources and use various methods to choose the best out of the best. Here in M2S Consulting, we do the talent hunting work with the availability of our best resources. We use different methods to identify the appropriate candidates. Having identified possible recruits that match the client’s requirements then we act as a channel to assess whether the individual is keen  on moving to a new employer and also carry out a thorough assessment of the candidate.

We work very closely with our customers. Understand  their business challenges and issues. Identify key competencies required in various professions to address these challenges.           Then we systematically and methodically go about searching the right and appropriate candidates following a process given below:

Establish a list of target companies.

Identify key players in those targeted companies.

Map the target professionals.

Be our customer’s Brand Ambassadors to the target professionals.

Carry a thorough assessment of competencies, cultural and goal congruence fit.

Facilitate the hiring process of these ‘A’ Players.

Work extensively with passive candidates to sell career in client organisations.

We partner with our clients in this entire process and advise them on talent availability, challenges in hiring top talent, and how to create an enabling environment and communication to attract ‘A’ Players.

This thorough process makes us stand apart from recruiters who just fill positions. Our engaging closely with our clients, enable us  to give them The Right People at The Right Time.

4.1 : Placement / Executive search

This is amongst the most crucial part in the functioning of an organization hence even the slightest of error or leniency in this position will have an adverse effect on the smooth functioning of an organization.

Following are the challenges that one faces in recruiting the right candidate :

Right Talent – Dream Results

Attracting ‘A’ Players

Many Hires – Many Disappointments

Challenge – Good people don’t stay

To overcome these challenges we have adopted the best method

Strong process driven search methodology

Sound knowledge of the business/vertical

Industry/Domain specific proprietary databases

Aggressive headhunting team

Ability to network and relate at the senior levels

Little or no reliance on Job Portals

Following are the areas

A] Industry Practices




Supply Chain

Marketing and Sales

Real Estate

B] Industry:

Banking Financial Services and Insurance ( BFSI )





Engineering Procurement and construction



Construction Material

Management Consulting

Oil,Gas and Energy

Process Equipment

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